Yemaya's Nursing Tea


Yemaya's Nursing Tea

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Yemaya is the West African, Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean goddess Mother Water. She represents mother love, creation of family, and comfort for those in need. This blend is ideal for nursing mothers. It contains herbs that stimulate the production and flow of breast milk, and is packed with vitamins and minerals to enhance the nourishment baby receives!


Alfalfa: Enriches breast milk with key vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin K.

Red Clover: Its blood purifying properties help restore a woman's body after pregnancy, while its high calcium and magnesium content make it very nourishing.

Fenugreek: Mothers often notice an increase in milk production 24-72 hours after beginning consumption of this powerful and tasty herb.

Nettle: Filled with vitamins, this well-loved herb strengthens and tones the entire system.

Anise seed: Helps increase milk production while alleviating gas, colic and indigestion.

Goat's rue: Encourages the production and flow of breast milk, as well as the building up of breast tissue.

Pregnant women should always consult their care providers before implementing an herbal tea regime.

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