We're committed to transforming the world through women's health.

Driven by the belief that a vibrant woman radiates potential for personal and planetary transformation, Vibrant Souls works to elevate ancient wisdom for women's wellness. With that purpose at heart, we offer the original Devi Steam™, the Devi Steam Seat™ and an assortment of delicious, nourishing teas.

We operate our business with a deep reverence for women, the Earth and indigenous cultures, believing that the wisdom of each of these are a source of hope and healing in our world today. We're dedicated to changing the world through women's health, and we're committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in our blends because we know they have the greatest impact on our health. With a dedication to organic, fair trade and small business, Vibrant Souls is passionate about finding creative ways to support communities and the planet.

We are based in downtown Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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Founder, writer & Doula

Sierra Brashear is dedicated to ensuring a bright future for humanity and the Earth. She believes that in order for humanity to activate our full potential, women in particular must be well physically, spiritually and emotionally. By tuning in to our unique womb wisdom, leveraging our feminine power and intellect, and drawing on our ancestral wisdom, we will discover contemporary ways to heal ourselves, our families and our planet.

Through Vibrant Souls, Sierra works with ancient herbal remedies such as yoni steaming as a means to elevate ancient women's wisdom and access the healing power of plant medicine, supporting women at any stage of life to live the highest expression of their wellbeing. With a commitment to honoring the sacred womb as the entry point for new, vibrant souls, Sierra offers loving and skilled doula care in Boulder, Colorado, ensuring that the birth experience is one that leaves the entire family deeply connected and in love with each other and the world. She also loves providing belly henna and placenta encapsulation for mamas in Boulder.

As a writer, Sierra focuses on topics that activate the divine feminine and women's roles in ensuring global sustainability and collective wellbeing. In addition to writing regularly for the Vibrant Souls blog, she plays a supportive role in the authorship of a book by Dr. Seana Steffen, Director of the Restorative Leadership Institute, that features women's leadership and a holistic understanding of the sustainability imperative from business, development, ecology, and spirit realms. Her work has also contributed to the influential restorative leadership podcast, On Leading, which features interviews with high impact global citizens such Vandana Shiva, Wanjira Mathai, Frances Moore Lappé, and the13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Deepening her understanding of ancient wisdom for wellness, Sierra is also currently enrolled in a 4,000+ contact hours Ayurvedic Doctor program. She is blessed to be learning with Alakananda Ma, renowned senior Doctor of Ayurveda, co-founder of Alandi Ashram, spiritual mother, teacher, flower essence maker, writer and storyteller.

Sierra has a Bachelors of Arts in International Environment and Development from the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as a Master of Arts in Environmental Security from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace. Her focus throughout these studies was on women's roles in sustainability, food security, and the health of communities.

Julie Macadam


Julie is a creative artist, yoga teacher, body worker, and lover of the earth. She is founder of Medicinal Changes, through which she offers herbal medicine and consultations, yoga, meditation and bodywork. She holds a degree in Outdoor Education from Westfield State University, a 200-hr yoga teacher training certification from Kripalu in the Berkshires and has completed a level one Thai Massage Training through Lotus Palm. Julie has also interned with Herb Pharm, studied with Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal and with Bill Siff of Goldthread. In addition, she has spent time farming in Colorado, Utah, Vermont and Guatemala, sat multiple Vipassana courses, and has taught yoga, meditation and Ayurveda around the world.

Brittany Kelly

Community Builder

Brittany is a lover of books, learning, laughing, love, travel, food, art, and being creative. She has been on an eye-opening personal journey of health and wellness for about five years. It all started with nutrition and has slowly impacted each part of her life, and she now finds that she is absolutely in love with women’s health and healing. She believes that when health starts with women, it benefits all of humanity. Brittany comes from a large family, the majority of whom are women who have slowly grown together and created a beautiful tribe. With a passion for sharing simple, natural alternatives for healing to benefit women and their bodies, Brittany is excited to bring our community together, empowering us in our deep wellbeing.