Devi Steam™ Yearly Membership

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Devi Steam™ Yearly Membership


Make Yoni Steaming Part of Your Regular Healthcare Routine!

Vibrant Souls is here to make regular yoni steaming easy and affordable for you, because we know what a difference this ancient remedy makes. Most women find that their cycles are much easier and more pleasant as a result of regular monthly yoni steaming. We therefore recommend steaming 3 times every month (including twice during the week before your menstrual cycle begins, and once in the week after your cycle ends) using the Vibrant Souls Devi Steam™.

Join our membership program to save yourself precious time and money.

Yearly Membership Includes:

  • A 12-month supply of Vibrant Souls Devi Steam™ ($255 value)

  • A FREE 4 oz bag of Vibrant Woman Tonic ($20.00 value)

  • A FREE 4 oz bag of Moon Bliss Cramp Relieving Tonic ($18.00 value)

Receive all of the above for only $175 (A value of over $293!)

Let us take care of restocking your herbs so that you can focus on YOU

When you sign up, we'll immediately send you a 4 month supply of the Devi Steam™ plus two FREE bags of our most popular teas. Then, over the course of your year long membership, you will receive an additional 2 shipments that each include a 4 month supply (totaling a 12 month supply). Not only does signing up for yearly membership eliminate the hassle of reordering, you'll save a total of $34.00!

Note: Second and third shipments will be processed and shipped on the first of the month, approximately 4 months apart. You pay all shipping costs at the time of sign up. Please notify Vibrant Souls of any address changes. Your Yearly Membership is not renewed automatically.

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