Call In Higher Consciousness with the Power of Your Yoni

Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keefe

A brilliant guest post by Courtney Maria Halsted

What if I told you that your yoni is capable of calling not only you but those around you into their highest selves so that they could reach their fullest potential?  And would you believe me if I told you that it’s just a simple awareness practice that makes this possible?

I am here to share this secret with you, and I am so excited about because it might just change your life, and the world.

You likely already know that doing vagina practices like yoni steaming and yoni egg work can help release trauma, tension, heal emotional wounding, as well as make your yoni super toned and healthy. They can also increase sensitivity, pleasure and your orgasmic potential. Hooray!

But this awesome payoff can actually reach a limit if we don’t understand how much greater the impact could be on our lives when we give our ‘yoni practice’ a higher purpose. Because when you understand what your vagina actually is to you, her power, and the role she can play on a large scale of global awakening,

she can enlighten your relationships, the planet and your life right now!

I believe Naomi Wolf’s amazing book, Vagina: A New Biography should be handed out to every human being upon birth. It gives deep insight into the psyche of women and the scientific research showing how

the vagina is, in fact, the seat of the consciousness of every woman.

And I mean that literally. Working on the happiness of yoni town is literally working on us being in our full juice, power, potential and happiness.

But what is this ‘true understanding’, ‘higher goal’ and ‘greater impact’ I’m talking about??

We’ll get there, but first, let’s talk about the Masculine and Feminine. I mean those two things not in the way society defines it (where it equates to man and woman), but to how these energies are defined in Tantra. In this framework, The Masculine is that which is still, steady. It is penetrative consciousness, emptiness, nothingness, the eternal unchanging witness.

The Feminine is that which is eternally changing. She is life, energy and matter. She is love, emotion, intuition, chaos. She is feeling. Two of her main qualities are receptivity and magnetism.

It is the opposite-ness of these two energetic qualities that creates ‘Polarity’ or attraction between two opposite poles of a magnet. Their extreme difference is what magnetizes them and brings them into a state of union. This is what creates sexual attraction in the energy between two people.

The seat of the Feminine in you as a woman is your vagina. When you heal your yoni and recognize it as the seat of your power it becomes even more receptive.

Your yoni begins to magnetize that which is the perfect and opposite polarity to her. She begins drawing consciousness and presence out in those around her. Especially people whose essence baseline is Masculine (usually, though not always, men).

During an initiation I received in 2015, I received this message: 

“Women have forgotten their power. They think that in order to be powerful they have to be masculine. Many women have stopped operating from their baseline essence. You have done this too. You have a really strong consciousness, but you feel like you need to prove it. You come up out of yourself with men, in order to meet them in Masculine Consciousness, instead of resting in your Feminine and receiving them there. You do it because you think your Feminine isn’t good or smart enough.

“But when you rest in your Feminine, your Feminine naturally draws out the highest level of consciousness of each man and matches them. The way to call a man into true presence is not to meet them in Masculine Consciousness, but to rest in your Feminine. The way you do this is by being in your yoni. Put your awareness in your yoni, Courtney!”

The download went on to say:

“Imagine if all women everywhere knew how to do this. Imagine how the world would change if Feminine essence women understood their power and lived in it and used it to call every other man and woman around them into full presence.

“Imagine how the wives of CEOs could call their partners into greater integrity. How the political system could change. The intimacy in relationships. Imagine how that would change men’s attitudes to women and bring them into deeper love, devotion and respect. How that in itself would dissolve the unhealthy patriarchy. Can you imagine the level of peace on this planet?

“And it all starts with putting your awareness in your vagina. Your vagina is your greatest weapon for consciousness. Heal it, empower it and most importantly, put your awareness in it. You can stand in your own power and change the whole world at the same time. ”

So I started experimenting with it.

I noticed that whenever I was in conversation with a man, and I put my awareness on the sensations in my yoni, their eyes would brighten and they would immediately become more present with me. I wasn’t throwing my sexual energy at them. All I was doing was allowing my presence in my vagina to awaken. The magnetic polarity of it had the effect of calling their masculine consciousness out.

One experiment was with a close male friend. We were having a tenuous conversation. He totally lost all presence and went into trigger response.

I immediately breathed deeply. I sunk deeply into my body and into my yoni. I put all of my attention there. In a matter of seconds his attitude towards me changed and became much more relational and able to move through his trigger.

The power of the yoni had called to his better self!

I also experimented with this principle during sex with a lover who was coming out of a ‘cocoon period’ of his life. As a result of what had been happening he was in a place where he was not in his power.

During sex I applied this principle. I put a large amount of my awareness in my yoni, whilst remaining aware of my whole body. I allowed my yoni to become a magnet. I let myself feel through him where his highest consciousness was, and, using my vagina, moved his consciousness down through his whole body.

At the end of sex I looked and him he looked totally different. He looked powerful. Energetically and physically. Like all of his energy and consciousness had arrived back in his body. He felt like a king. It was not very long after that experience that I watched him start moving his life around and making changes to start new businesses and projects and get fully back on track and embodied in life. He is the only one who can take credit for the changes he makes in his life, and yet I know that vagina town had had a positive impact!

So how do you tap into your yoni power to call this out in others too?

The process is simple, and goes like this:

Breathe. Put your awareness in your vagina and breathe into her.

Feel. Let yourself feel the sensations. Feel the numbness and pain. Notice the emotions that arise and welcome it all. Keep breathing.

Speak to her. Ask her how she is. Is there anything she needs form you?

Experiment. Next time you are in a tense situation, try dropping deeply into your body and placing your attention on your yoni.

Pay attention. Notice what happens when you’re speaking with masculine-energy people with your awareness on her. How do their eyes change? How does their body posture change? Do they become more interested and vulnerable?

Do all of this from a place of love and curiosity. Know that if you use any of these practices to have power over someone or manipulate them they feel it on some level and will no longer trust you.

To help you develop your connection with your yoni and activate your power, you may also want to incorporate some additional yoni-love practices. If you haven’t already, start using your yoni egg every day, begin a weekly yoni steaming practice at home, and get a yoni massage. Consider diving in to a Sexual Tantra or a conscious sexuality course. If nothing else, doing these practices is going to connect you more deeply to yourself.

Remember that the effects in your life are greater when you’re using your yoni power from a place not just of self pleasure and health, but of understanding how you can flourish in your full power and call others into theirs. By doing this, you have the opportunity to heal yourself, create better dynamics in your relationships and enlighten the world. Yeah! Yoni power!

The real power of the yoni is not just that she feels good, or that she opens up our personal consciousness as women, or that she can show us where we have healing to do, or that she can help us open into juicy sexy love bliss. The real power of the yoni is the fruits she gives in our lives… through the way she can literally awaken the consciousness of both ourselves and the people around us.

When we’re all living in our highest and most embodied consciousness, that’s how we’re going to create the kind of universal reality that many of us, deep down, really long for. And that is a place of unity, love, safety and truth.

So jump on the yoni train ladies! She’s ready and waiting for you to awaken her at any time!

To open more into this in your own life, check me out at

So much juicy, sexy, joyful love!

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