GET PAID TO share ancient wisdom for women's wellness

The purpose of our Wellness Tribe Affiliate Program is to create a thriving movement of women's wellness advocates who understand and value ancient remedies, and who love to share this valuable wisdom with the world. Our Wellness Tribe members are committed to supporting the wellness of not only themselves, but the local and global communities of women they engage with. Hand in hand, we work toward vibrant wellness that radiates potential for personal and planetary transformation.

As a Wellness Tribe member, you'll leverage your current presence to make a powerful difference in the health and wellbeing of women, while earning cash for yourself. How? Basically, when you refer a customer the Vibrant Souls Women's Wellness Shop, we give you 20% of their subtotal (before shipping)!

That's called passive income, and it's truly a beautiful thing.

We're here to help you earn an income doing what you love.

You should join the Wellness Tribe if...

  • You love yoni steaming and you have a group of family/friends with whom you want to share the knowledge because you understand all the benefits they'll get! And you might as well get paid, right?

  • You run a blog or a women's wellness website that is seeking a passive source of income.

  • You are a writer who would appreciate a kick-back for mentioning a great product in one of your articles.

  • You are a wellness practitioner or advocate who loves to share high quality products with your clients.

  • You run an online store, but you'd rather not have to buy ahead or deal with shipping.

How much $$$ can you earn as a member of the Wellness Tribe?

  • When you refer someone to Vibrant Souls, you'll automatically receive a 20% commission on their entire purchase. Given that the average purchase is $30, that's a $6.00 commission* just for YOU for every customer you refer! (Here's what's really doesn't even matter if they buy the first time they click through from your link. If the person who first clicked through from your unique link revisits Vibrant Souls within 30 days, you'll still get the credit).

  • Vibrant Souls products are unique and in high demand, which means there is a huge potential for driving an income for yourself. For example, a single hyperlink in a recent article generated over $13,000 in sales in one month. What's 20% of $13,000? That's $2,600 just for one link*. So, you get the idea! (Full disclosure: This success story involved a blog that received about 17.2 million visits that month, and the article therefore received 350,000 views during that month.)

Are you in? Let's do this!

Simply click the button below to fill out the Wellness Tribe Affiliate Program registration form. It's easy to sign up and it's 100% FREE! Then head over to your inbox to get all the juicy details and get started sharing TODAY!

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*Please note that we can not guarantee any minimum earnings. These numbers are based on historical data, but do not necessarily reflect what is possible inside of your network.