Vibrant Souls wholesale

Welcome! We are excited you're here because when you join us, you're supporting more women to access the deep healing benefits of yoni steaming.

We are committed to making our products accessible to all businesses, practitioners and entrepreneurs, so we've created three great ways you can share Vibrant Souls products with your clients and community. One is by ordering wholesale, another is by becoming a member of our Vibrant Souls Wellness Tribe affiliate program, and the third is a coupon for 30% off your bulk online order. These are outlined in more detail below.

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Learn about the Vibrant Souls Devi Steam™ Yoni Steaming Herbs wholesale pricing tiers as well as terms for becoming a wholesale customer. Please note that only established businesses will be approved as wholesale customers.


Affiliate Program

Leverage your online community to generate income! As a member of our Vibrant Souls Wellness Tribe affiliate program, you will earn 20% cash for every sale you refer. Place your unique link on websites, email and social media.

Bulk Discount Coupon

A great way to save on bulk products is by using the coupon code MOMENTUM for 30% off your bulk purchase of over $300 through our online store. This is a perfect option if you would like to order a variety of products without reaching unit minimums.