It's time to take a bold leap for yourself…. and for the world.

The next step is to join Chloe and Sierra on a three-week journey into the very heart of the womb of creation.

In our powerful Womb Wisdom virtual workshop series, you will learn to connect more deeply to your goddess energy, harness the power of co-creation and manifest your dream life. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the ancient practice of yoni steaming as a practical tool for clearing and activation. Each week you will also participate in a powerful Frequency Meditation in which Chloe will facilitate your deeper connection with the cosmic womb of creation.

By engaging in this 3-week process, you’ll amplify your ability to live your life as a spiritual being, with full awareness and ease in manifesting your gifts…so that you may share your offerings to the world.

what you will learn & integrate in womb wisdom:


  • Connect to your ancestral lineage to clear karma and past life wounding

  • Decode energetic weaknesses from your patterning

  • Clear birth trauma and inner child wounding

  • Clear emotional and mental blocks relating to your ability to create and manifest

  • Work with yoni steaming as a ritual for activating the clearing process

  • Frequency Meditation: Sacred Circle of Fire for Clearing Releasing


  • Understand the importance of absolute balance for conception

  • Learn how to hold a powerful womb space for anything you love

  • Connect to the universal womb of creation

  • Learn how to connect up to and pull through higher frequencies

  • Frequency Meditation: The Archetype of "The Empress" for Fertility, Nurturing and Birth


  • Harness the energy of rebirth to be able to bring your creations into this world

  • Understand the ups and downs of any birthing process and how to flow with it

  • Frequency Meditation: Rebirthing Energy & Reprogramming Your Birth Story

We're in a unique time in history, in which the planet and humanity are undergoing a rebirthing process. This is your opportunity to tap in to that force and combine it with your own unique womb wisdom. Reclaim this sacred feminine power for the sake of your dreams, your community, and the Earth.

To receive all of these amazing benefits, your investment is just $111.

Lessons are available in your personal learning portal for access at any time. 


Chloe Cousins is a light healer, channeller and spiritual midwife.  She is passionate about empowering people to fulfill their highest purpose through enabling the rebirthing process for healing and spiritual growth. She works with frequency and light to activate codes and keys held deep within each person so that they can unlock, birth & manifest their deepest desires and highest calling. She has taught in several countries and at sacred sites across the globe, sharing her transformative work with hundreds of people at a time.

"Chloe’s work is infused with such a wonderful heart centered vibration that will be obvious to all who are ready to live life with an open heart. Chloe is such a wonderful healer for the current shift taking place awakening and empowering the divine feminine in all of us and allowing us to connect more fully with Gaia.” — Teri Allen

Sierra Brashear, MA, is the founder of Vibrant Souls. She is dedicated to improving the human experience on this planet, and believes that one of the best ways to activate humanity's full potential is to leverage the power and intellect of women. She treasures women's wisdom and ancient knowledge, and believes that a return to this time-tested wisdom will lead us to healing and well being for ourselves, our families and our planet.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for you sharing this amazing information. Thank you sooo much!!! You have liberated me!!! Don't stop what you are doing. Women need you!" — Priscilla