Experience Vibrant Transformation with A group Yoni Steam Ritual

Let Vibrant Souls bring the magic of yoni steaming to you!

The unique Vibrant Souls Yoni Steaming Ritual experience will leave any group of women with a renewed connection to one another, and a deepened relationship to the powerful feminine energy that each of us holds within our womb. Participants will experience a powerful release of stored emotions and learn to channel the potent energy of their wombs in a way that serves each individual and her life's purpose. This is an opportunity to bring a profound experience of sisterhood and transformation to any group of women.

What settings are ideal for yoni steam rituals?

  • Women's conferences and retreats
  • Women's monthly moon gatherings
  • Women's book clubs or discussion groups
  • Women's resource centers
  • Sorority houses
  • Bachelorette parties or wedding showers
  • Private homes with groups of girlfriends


    Basic Ritual

    The Vibrant Souls Yoni Steam Ritual is lead by Vibrant Souls founder, Sierra, and includes:

    • Steaming set up for up to 8 women (see images below)
    • A large, plush towel for each participant
    • Preparation of herbs for steaming
    • Sacred circle altar to the four directions
    • Mayan prayer
    • Guided and musical meditation (Focus: root chakra cleanse)
    • Sage smudging or Frankincense diffusion
    • Discussion and integration

    Rate: $245 + Travel expenses outside of Boulder County. The experience lasts approximately one hour. Additional groups of 8 women during the same visit will be an additional $49 each.

    Workshop + Basic Ritual

    For groups that would like more education, Vibrant Souls offers an additional 60 minute yoni steaming workshop to supplement the basic ritual with a "left brain" learning experience. The workshop includes:

    • History and cultural heritage of yoni steaming
    • Which herbs are used and why
    • How to prepare steaming herbs in your home

    Rate: $295 (including basic ritual) + Travel expenses outside of Boulder County

    Benefits of Hosting a Yoni Steam Ritual

    • Host receives a FREE 16 oz Devi Steam™ (12 yoni steams)
    • Participants will receive 20% off Devi Steam™ herbs, Devi Steam Seats and Vibrant Souls teas ordered during the event.

    A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking.

    My very first yoni steam was an amazing and sacred experience and so much more than I had anticipated. Sierra provided a beautiful spiritual cleansing experience and not only for my yoni. Absolute bliss!!
    — Anne


    Vibrant Souls leads Yoni Steam Rituals with Red Tent Revival LIVE and Red Mastery retreats. Our rituals have been done in exquisite locations such as the St. Julian Hotel in Boulder, Colorado and the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Edwards, Colorado.

    Vibrant Souls is based in Boulder, Colorado.

    Do your own ritual!